Friday Favorites

Welcome to the first edition of Pearls & Frosting's Friday Favorites! Let's jump right in... here's a snapshot of things I've been loving this week:

Sephora cream lip stains. 
To be honest, I got this product in a beauty swag bag over a year ago, and had never really used it until recently. Just the name "stain" scared me and I have an irrational fear of showing up somewhere important with lipstick on my teeth (is there anything worse?). Most days I don't wear very much makeup to work (light foundation, blush and mascara), but I this stain really adds polish. Not to mention, it lasts so much longer than any of my other lipsticks! I have it in #60 but would love to try other colors for spring.

A Thousand Wishes fragrance mist.
I was about to type "body spray" but that so takes me back to junior high locker room days—so I'll just go with what the bottle says. I stopped into Bath & Body Works to stock up on soap today and had a coupon for a free travel-sized item. I think this scent (I always want to say flavor) is new, and I didn't take the time to smell it in the store, but it is divine! I look forward to keeping it in my purse to spritz on in the afternoons.

My silly kitty. Our sweet rescue cat Monty always makes me smile. His favorite thing to do at night is curl up on MY heating pad on the couch and "sleep" with his eyes open.

Steaming showers. It's been chilly in Atlanta lately and after getting up in the cold/dark wee hours of the morning to hit the gym, there's nothing better than jumping in a hot shower to get ready for the day. I got quite a few inches chopped off my hair last month, so it's cut my hair drying time by half, which makes me more excited to wash my hair! I love getting ready wearing my white waffle-knit robe (I got it for my wedding!) and getting dressed after my hair and makeup are done. (Similar here.)

Coven. My husband and I got the first three seasons of American Horror Story for Christmas, and we're almost done with season 3, Coven. I loved Murder House (season 1) and was too creeped out by Asylum (season 2), but I'm loving the group of girls in this one, especially Taissa Farmiga's character.

What are your favorites this week? What's making you happy?

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